about me…


Thank you for your chcking here!!!

I’m working at a textile manufacture in Japan and sell fabric to oversea customers.
Some often, I go on a business trip to see with the customers or to attend the fabric show.
I realize there are so many people who care about Japanese culture.
But basically, Japan isn’t so open to globalization.
I believe that Japan is not kind to visitor from overseas.

Most of all information in the city is written in only Japanese.
Most Japanese can’t speak English at all.
Please understand that we have a very nice mind,
But just shy and not experienced at dealing with foreign people.

Regretly, since the beggining of 2021, all gates to oversea has been closed.
People can’t enjoy the oversea trip now.
So now we lost the way to understand each other in face to face.

I believe that there are so many beautiful things and culture in Japan.
And each one has a history and story about the origin.
I’d like to introduce them as much as I can in a part of this blog.

I hope it can be your help to understand Japan and I also hope you can come here and see by yourself in the near future!!

See you soon!
Have a nice day ~ !!!!